Kathy Bates - Ambulance Girl

I watched recently on the TV the film Ambulance Girl where Kathy Bates‘ character said these remarkable words about fear:

Fear is like a hologram. It seems real, filled with substance. And then, when you go beyond it, you realize there is nothing there. It’s all an illusion.

I had many fears in my life (and I still have some) and words like these give me the strength to make the first steps towards my goals. I realized that there is only one thing that can help you overcome the fear – action. When you start doing what you want you become able to throw aside the chains of fear that were nailing you to the ground.

I think we need to recall such words more often when the fear of what might happen paralyzes our mind.

By the way, the film is very good. It is a drama-comedy about a couple who are afraid of change and their fear starts to ruin their relationship. Kathy Bates is my favorite American actress and in this film she is also the director.

Don’t forget – Fear is like a hologram

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