The Blogs I Read – My Custom Page At Alltop 1


Alltop is a great place – this is a blog aggregator but its content is managed by editors and there you can find the best blogs in the (English-speaking) world divided in categories. For each blog you can see the last five posts and there is a little preview of each of those five posts.

There are great people in this world – they are masters, teachers, and leaders. And most of them have blogs where they share their knowledge, experience, and ideas with the others. Reading their blogs is priceless and reading from Alltop spares you a lot of time looking elsewhere.

Now Alltop offers us a new service – the ability to create your own page with all the blogs that you like and read regularly. This way all the people who are interested in you as a person will know what you are interested in. It is something like a blogroll but very, very rich and with a very high quality.

I liked the idea very much and I already made my page. It has a simple URL – – so come and visit it. I believe that you are going to like the blogs I read because the people who write them are really great.

Alltop is created by Guy Kawasaki – a man who I admire as my personal guru – and there you can also find his favorite blogs.

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