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Th!nkTweet By Rajesh Setty – Wisdom in 140 Characters

Twitter proved that 140 characters are enough to express yourself to the world. Rajesh Setty proved that 140 characters are enough to say something smart and wise. He created a channel in his Twitter account#ThinkTweet – where he shares his revelations about business and human relationships.

I am a young entrepreneur (although I am not so young in age) and I am still working to find my own way into business. I still haven’t reached the success I am aiming at but there is one thing I have learned. If you want to be great in business you have to be a great person. And Rajesh teaches me that. In his blog posts and in his Twitter posts I can always find provocative thoughts that make me think about who I am, how I spend my time and what I give to the world.

When you start asking yourself such questions you inevitably will find your answers and this is exactly what will make you a better person and this is what will bring your undertakings to successful end.