Reading Steve Olson’s blog this morning I found this article about a new personal development blog called Free Personal Development Material. It is a place full of information – among the very interesting blog posts you can find a lot of free PDF ebooks, audio books, podcasts, videos and many other forms. I was really impressed and I bookmarked it in my RSS reader immediately.

Browsing through the pages I found a post (not existing amymore) where there were links to seven free eboks in PDF format. I am a huge fan of reading and this is my preferred method of gaining information and I was very happy to find such amount of useful book in one place and for free!

These are great titles for people who try to start up a new business, who want to communicate better with the others, or who want to understand their inner selves. The books are:

  • The Law of Attraction Explained by Ken MacLean
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • The Confidence Booster by Anna Marie Stewart
  • Money & Beliefs by Aine Belton
  • The Basics of Manifestation by Ken MacLean
  • Optimal Thinking (author unknown)
  • I Create Millions by Christopher Westra

You can download all the books from this link (no email or other information required!)

Happy reading!

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