Today I read a post from a software developer entitled Overwhelmed by competition where the author shares his “fear of failure” when he comes up with a new idea for a software product and sees that the competition has already developed their products rich of features and functionality. He asks how to fight with this fear that destroys his enthusiasm even before he has started, should he consider all the features they offer or should he ignore them at all?

I was going to answer with a comment that he should implement only those features that he thinks will be valuable for the customer. If the customer has a problem and you are able to solve it with your product – they will be happy and they will buy it. It is not necessary to have many features if they are not useful for the customer and it is not possible to solve all their problems at once.

Luckily, Seth Godin posted another brilliant thought and I decided to cite it here because it fits very well to the topic and offers food for thinking upon the question “How to beat the competition?”.

Maybe the reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is…
… that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.

Thank you, Seth!

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